Randi’s Campaign- October Newsletter

PUTTING DOWN ROOTS – A Newsletter from a People-Powered Campaign

“I’m so glad to see a woman of education, integrity, and experience running for office. Far too often I’ve found politicians to be disconnected and unconcerned with that which is important to me and my military family, but Randi is what I’d never dare to imagine- representation in government.” 

– Heather Z.  (SD10 Resident)

Where’s Randi?

We know that one of the most frustrating things about politics is that we never actually get to meet who we elect. So every month we would like to let you know about a couple events Randi will definitely be at, here is where Randi’s going to be this month!

13th Annual Legislative Town Hall for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
– Join Randi as she gathers with The Resource Exchange and other local leaders about what can be done to help the developmentally and intellectually disabled.

District 11 School Board Candidate Forum 
– Come and see Randi as she helps the D-11 Community decide what future is best for our children!

Check out Randi in Voyage Magazine!
– Voyage Magazine is highlighting Colorado Springs’ most empowering and influential women. Check out the article and get to know Randi!

One of my Values: Strong Families

I believe Colorado’s families are its most important institution and key to our prosperity. Quality education, affordable childcare, and much-needed family leave are the foundations for a strong family. Our children have the right to reach their potential, to follow their path, and grow up with opportunity. It is our responsibility to protect their future!

I am a mother of two young children and I have served to support and strengthen families for over 10 years. I respect the dedication and hard work that parents, caregivers, and educators devote to helping children thrive. I value your right to a strong family and I believe your government should protect that right.


“Yes” vote on Prop CC means that together we will invest $88 million in K-12 Schools, Higher Education, and Transportation Infrastructure.

“Your vote matters.” This is something we tell our kids when we first start teaching them about our great democracy. It turns out that this is something we all need to hear. In 2016 only 61% of people who are able to vote actually voted. How can we have a government represent our values if only 61% of the nation takes part in our political process? We can’t.

Have you received your ballot yet? You should have. Make sure to turn it in by Nov. 5 of 2019.

Every month we would like to recognize every-day people who are making a difference in Randi’s campaign. 

A special thanks this month to:

The El Paso County Colorado Progressive Veterans is a non-profit organization, focused on the many ways that they can help our Veterans, Active Duty Military, and their families. By giving a voice to veterans in El Paso County, this organization has provided homelessness solutions, free trained support dogs and many more resources for local veterans.

Want a sticker? Get some free swag! We’ll mail you one for donating!

Donate securely at ActBlue: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/randiforcolorado

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