Say YES to FAIR TAX Colorado

Colorado has a flat income tax rate (we don’t have tax brackets), which means lower income families end up paying a greater share of their income to taxes than wealthier families – Initiative 271, FAIR TAX Colorado, helps to minimize the widening gap between the haves and have-nots.

A YES on Initiative 271 means 95% of Coloradans will get a TAX CUT!
And by raising taxes on just 5% of the wealthiest incomes (those over $250,000), we will RAISE 2 BILLION ANNUALLY!

I made a short video if you want to know more.

You should also visit to learn more, use their tax-rate calculator, and sign up to receive a petition and gather signatures from family, neighbors, and friends!

Be sure you are registered to vote, check your address, etc at

Throwing Mom and Baby Out With the Bathwater: Maternity Care and Coronavirus in the United States

During a pandemic it makes sense to adjust our maternity care, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of maternal and newborn wellbeing and safety. Yet, here we are, called once again to defend the humanity of giving-life and the normalcy such an experience demands.

I have a Master’s Degree in Public Health, with a concentration in Maternal and Child Health, and I’ve worked as a birth doula, Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and I’ve directed multi-state MCH programs; now I’m running for Colorado State Senate.

The following are my perspective and thoughts, none of this is medical advice.

Get the facts from global experts. The United States has a spotty record on maternity care (we have the worst infant and maternal mortality rates of the developed nations), and now we have a poor record of pandemic response — look to global experts for their knowledge and advice about both.
I recommend starting with the World Health Organization.

Be informed about your rights as a consumer. In everything you do, make sure you know how much power you have (it’s usually much more than most people will let on). Stand up for yourself, speak to what you need. How you feel impacts how well you are & how well you will heal.

Choose a caregiver and birth location with intention. Giving birth in the U.S. (vs another developed country) means you are already at a disadvantage (less choice, poorer outcomes), especially if you are a person of color. It’s important that you are engaged in your care, and that you feel safe and respected. Find the right maternity care provider for you.

YOU *CAN* CHANGE PROVIDERS – you are giving them your business, make sure you are being respected and feel right about paying this person and bringing them into your birth care.

Look for Midwives. Midwifery care is more person-centered than OB care, and has better outcomes for low-risk moms and babies. There are sometimes midwives in hospitals (though pretty rare and needs to happen way more), and you can also give birth safely outside of the hospital, at home or in a birth center (if you are considered low-risk) with a trained midwife. Resource

You should have a trusted companion at your birth. I’ve heard that some hospitals may have said that no one can accompany a birthing person (including partners), I hope this isn’t true, but in case it is, let’s cover a few things…

1. Birth is safer for moms and babies when there’s someone with the mother all the time. Conversely, birth is riskier when the mother doesn’t have a companion at her side. For example, a partner attending a birth decreases the risk of a C-Section by 25% and babies have higher APGAR scores. (Source)

2. Under normal conditions, nurses only spend about 31% of a labor with the mother, and only about 12% of that time providing emotional, physical support, or informational support (the rest is monitoring, vitals, etc). That’s not continuous support for the person giving birth, and with a shortage in healthcare staff, having someone attend the mother just makes sense.

3. Doulas need to be allowed too. I completely understand the reason for not having numerous people attend a birth during a pandemic – an exception MUST be made for trained birth doulas.

 “If a doula was a drug it would be unethical not to use one.” ~Dr. John Kennell

Birth Doulas (trained birth companions) provide emotional and physical support to a birthing person and tons of data shows how effective they are in reducing the need for interventions, like pain medications and C-sections; in fact, professional doulas decrease the risk of a C-section by 39%! That’s extremely important in a time like this where we don’t want all the additional risks of a major surgery AND when our health care professionals are otherwise occupied & hospital resources are scarce.
Doulas are an important part of safe maternity care and they need to be included in the precautions and preparations we make during this pandemic, and continuing thereafter.

You can breastfeed (and you absolutely should if you want to!), even if you are positive for Covid19. Breastfeeding is an important protective measure to prevent illness and infection in an infant, and it provides other life-long health protections to both mother and baby.

But don’t take it from just me, here’s more from the global experts –

“All international world health guidelines agree: Breastfeeding should continue and be supported during the COVID-19 epidemic, with appropriate precautions.”
~International Lactation Consultant Association (source)

“Considering the benefits of breastfeeding and the insignificant role of breast milk in the transmission of other respiratory viruses, a mother could can [sic] continue breastfeeding. The mother should wear a medical mask when she is near her baby and perform hand hygiene before and after having close contact with the baby. She will also need to follow the other hygiene measures described in this document.”
~World Health Organization

ROUTINE SEPARATION POLICIES GO AGAINST INTERNATIONAL GUIDELINES. They are inhumane and have the potential for too much negative risk, we need to treat and support each dyad individually.

Keep mom and baby together. Separating mom and baby should always be a last resort. There are critical biological processes that occur in the moments, days, and weeks following birth, that if disrupted, have the potential to contribute to lifelong negative outcomes.

Also, separation makes it really really hard to have an effective breastfeeding relationship, and breastfeeding is an important part of normative and healthy development. By taking extra hygienic precautions, most mothers and babies will be able to stay together – and this will keep them healthier in the short and long term, than if they are separated.

More from the World Health Organization:

“Mothers and infants should be enabled to remain together and practise skin-to-skin contact, kangaroo mother care and to remain together and to practise rooming-in throughout the day and night, especially immediately after birth during establishment of breastfeeding, whether they or their infants have suspected, probable, or confirmed COVID-19.”

“In situations when severe illness in a mother with COVID-19 or other complications prevents her from caring for her infant or prevents her from continuing direct breastfeeding, mothers should be encouraged and supported to express milk, and safely provide breastmilk to the infant, while applying appropriate IPC measures.” (source)

Remember, “First, do no harm”. Separating children from their caregivers, and infants from their mothers, does irreparable and life-long harm.

Women and children in the U.S. began this Pandemic at a disadvantage, especially those of color, and I will not stand by quietly as we roll back the progress made in protecting their well-being and lives.

Birth Matters.
Birth Experiences Matter.
Women Matter.
Mothers Matter.
Black Lives Matter.
Indigenous Lives Matter.

And there’s not one single excuse left not to act like it.

One final note:
How I’d do it if I were in charge …
I’d like to see more low-risk healthy mothers receive care at home from trained and certified midwives. Doulas should be encouraged at all births because of their high reward. Additionally, in an effort to reduce the number of healthy people receiving care in a hospital overburdened by treating Covid19 patients, we could look at temporarily converting local Birth Centers to high-risk labor facilities and setting up a surgical suite in a birth room. People that risk out of a home-birth would be directed to the birth center converted for high-risk care. Just some Pandemic, public health, thoughts. Thanks for reading.


World Health Organization on Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding and COVID19 –

Evidence for Doulas –

Out-of-hospital birth with professional Midwife –

More out-of-hospital birth –

Keep mother & baby together –

Breastfeeding & Covid19 Information –

Randi’s Campaign – November Newsletter

PUTTING DOWN ROOTS – A Newsletter from a People-Powered Campaign

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Protecting Colorado

Coloradans share a love for beautiful scenery and the great outdoors. Like you, I value the incredible opportunities our landscape provides to our happiness and the economy. I believe that our lives and communities will be better if we protect our land and invest in our infrastructure. Growing up in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, I came to know Colorado as the most beautiful and healthy state in the nation – as your Senator, I will keep it that way.

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An Interesting Read…

Women who run for office face more barriers than their male counterparts, one of those is having a harder time fundraising! You can help us achieve equal representation by donating to female candidates.

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– Colorado Springs Food Rescue Fundraiser
Goat Patch Brewing Company – November 26th
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 Colorado Springs Youth Climate Strike
Colorado Springs City Hall – December 6th
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– NAACP Colorado Springs – Annual Meeting: Policing The Police
Silver Key Senior Services – December 8th
From 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Randi’s Campaign- October Newsletter

PUTTING DOWN ROOTS – A Newsletter from a People-Powered Campaign

“I’m so glad to see a woman of education, integrity, and experience running for office. Far too often I’ve found politicians to be disconnected and unconcerned with that which is important to me and my military family, but Randi is what I’d never dare to imagine- representation in government.” 

– Heather Z.  (SD10 Resident)

Where’s Randi?

We know that one of the most frustrating things about politics is that we never actually get to meet who we elect. So every month we would like to let you know about a couple events Randi will definitely be at, here is where Randi’s going to be this month!

13th Annual Legislative Town Hall for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
– Join Randi as she gathers with The Resource Exchange and other local leaders about what can be done to help the developmentally and intellectually disabled.

District 11 School Board Candidate Forum
– Come and see Randi as she helps the D-11 Community decide what future is best for our children!

Check out Randi in Voyage Magazine!
– Voyage Magazine is highlighting Colorado Springs’ most empowering and influential women. Check out the article and get to know Randi!

One of my Values: Strong Families

I believe Colorado’s families are its most important institution and key to our prosperity. Quality education, affordable childcare, and much-needed family leave are the foundations for a strong family. Our children have the right to reach their potential, to follow their path, and grow up with opportunity. It is our responsibility to protect their future!

I am a mother of two young children and I have served to support and strengthen families for over 10 years. I respect the dedication and hard work that parents, caregivers, and educators devote to helping children thrive. I value your right to a strong family and I believe your government should protect that right.


“Yes” vote on Prop CC means that together we will invest $88 million in K-12 Schools, Higher Education, and Transportation Infrastructure.

“Your vote matters.” This is something we tell our kids when we first start teaching them about our great democracy. It turns out that this is something we all need to hear. In 2016 only 61% of people who are able to vote actually voted. How can we have a government represent our values if only 61% of the nation takes part in our political process? We can’t.

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Randi’s Campaign – First Newsletter!

For those who missed our first e-newsletter, here it is! Please send us your email here to receive our next one.

PUTTING DOWN ROOTS – A Newsletter from a People-Powered Campaign

“I’m so glad to see a woman of education, integrity, and experience running for office. Far too often I’ve found politicians to be disconnected and unconcerned with that which is important to me and my military family, but Randi is what I’d never dare to imagine- representation in government.” 

– Heather Z.  (SD10 Resident)

Where’s Randi?

We know that one of the most frustrating things about politicians is that we never actually get to meet them. So every month we would like to let you know about a couple events Randi will definitely be at, here is where Randi’s going to be this month!

Colorado Springs Climate Strike – Friday, September 20th 
– Come and join Randi at the Colorado Springs City Hall from 10am-1pm as she stands with Colorado against our greatest threat, climate change. 

Inside Out Youth Breakfast – Thursday, October 3rd
– Enjoy breakfast with Randi from 7am-8:30am as she joins Inside Out to discuss the most important issues facing our youth. 

Get to Know Randi

I am running for office to represent our district and a progressive future for Colorado; one in which we support all families, protect our beautiful land, and become leaders in renewable energy. 

For over a decade, I have supported families as a birth and postpartum doula, behavioral therapist for children with Autism, Early Head Start Home-Visitor, and an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). My work experience includes positions with a state-wide perinatal health collaborative and as the Director of a 3-year, multi-state, maternal and child health program.

Serving hundreds of families, and my own challenging journey as a parent myself, have given me a strong understanding of the supports we need to help families thrive. Safe and respectful maternity care, paid leave policies, quality and affordable childcare… these are not our hurdles to face alone. I care deeply about protecting our environment and ensuring our children have a more stable economy as they enter increasingly unstable times.

Every month we’d like to recognize every-day people who are making a difference in Randi’s campaign. Special thanks to:

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~Randi McCallian, your candidate for SD10

Colorado’s ERPO: Addressing a Public Health Crisis

Colorado’s Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) HB19-1177 has been portrayed as a controversial bill, but after listening to the experts who crafted the bill, I feel more confident advocating for this common-sense gun legislation that will take us past simply thoughts and prayers.

The Colorado Springs Dems hosted an information session and discussion with Katie March, the Colorado House of Representatives Senior Advisor to the Majority Leader, presenting for Representative Alec Garnett (who wrote and sponsored the bill), and Dr. Erik Wallace, University of Colorado School of Medicine, who presented on public health data about gun-related violence and death.

Here’s some information I learned about the ERPO:

  • The only people who can submit an ERPO are household/family members or law enforcement.
  • Throughout the ERPO, the burden of proof is on the Petitioner (the person submitting the claim) – NOT on the Respondent (the person who the claim is filed against). The only time the burden of proof is on the Respondent, is if they want to demonstrate they are no longer a risk to themselves or others before the natural end of the ERPO (364 days).
  • Fourteen states (and D.C.) have enacted bipartisan ERPO laws, they are relatively new, so data is still limited.

“In a recent statewide survey, 87% of Coloradans support ERPOs, including 78% of Trump voters.” (Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, 2019)

So there’s that!

Shockingly, most gun deaths are overwhelmingly suicides, and Colorado has a SERIOUS problem.

  • In Colorado, 76% of gun deaths are suicides; compared to 60% nationally.
  • A gun is used in half of all suicide attempts.
  • Making a suicide attempt with a gun has an 85% chance of ending the person’s life, whereas attempting to take one’s life using pills is around 2% effective.
  • The argument that ‘people should be allowed to commit suicide if they want to’ isn’t supported by the data… only one in ten survivors of a suicide attempt will take their life (or attempt to) in the future.

An ERPO can help. This law (signed by Governor Polis on 04/12/19) is a valid attempt to save lives in a Constitutional and data-informed manner. I look forward to seeing more data and models to help us move forward in making even better decisions in the future.

BUT, this presentation also made it shockingly clear how much we need to address our access to high-quality, affordable healthcare – including, and especially, mental health. We need to address systemic issues that contribute to feelings of hopelessness and despair, and enact legislation that will ease economic suffering. We can work to ensure everyone has a stable home, people are paid a living wage, and our public education and family support systems are robust and extensive. Investing in Coloradans will invigorate the economy and create healthier and stronger citizens.

As a candidate for Colorado’s Senate District 10, in the heart of Colorado Springs, I stand with you to ensure that we push Colorado’s politics in the direction of supporting public health and well-being. I will stand for our families, for the future of our children, and for the health of this beautiful state. Let’s move Colorado forward together!

In solidarity,


Many thanks to the C Springs Dems and Moms Demand Action for the wonderful event!

Please support this grassroots campaign with a donation! Every donor counts!

Images of the handouts from the event are below.

March on the Campaign Trail…

March began with a flurry of activities for the Pikes Peak Breastfeeding Coalition. As the President, I hosted our monthly meeting at a new location ~ Beginnings Birth Center ~ which is Colorado Springs’ first free-standing birth center!

The Coalition also hosted a screening of ‘Milk’, a documentary about the politics of motherhood and infant feeding, on March 9 at the 21c Library. I have been dedicated to helping mothers and children thrive in environments where corporate greed is prioritized over public health, and hosting this documentary was a great way to bring more community members into a place of awareness and empowerment.

Hosting a screening of the documentary ‘Milk’ by Noemi Weiss.

I planned to attend the Sierra Club’s monthly “Beyond Coal” meeting for the first time, but it had been moved and I wasn’t in-the-know; I’ll check back in for a future meeting!

Now that the campaign is registered and official with the state, I took the next obvious step and opened a campaign bank account. This was no easy task, and took over 3.5 hours across two days, but the conversations I had with bank staff about local politics and the importance of having representatives that are more “like us”, were invaluable.

Already meeting such great people 🙂

I attended, for the third time, the Air Quality Technical Committee (AQTC) meeting at the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments and spoke as a representative of our community. This group is tasked with providing recommendations and technical plans to the Community Advisory Board, which reports to the City Council.

The AQTC disbanded a couple years ago because, and I quote, “they thought they had the issue of air quality covered here when they were meeting the federal standards.” When the person in charge of the committee resigned their position, the group just ceased to exist. Fast forward only one year later, and we are registering poor air quality readings that may lead to violating federal EPA standards and incurring a huge fine … not to mention the subsequent public health effects from increasingly more dangerous pollutants in our air.

It may go without saying that the lack of focus on public health around here is distressing.

If you’d like to read a version of my statement from the AQTC meeting, it can be found here:

At the end of the month, I was moved to tears by the powerful and inspiring indigenous activist and performer, Radmilla Cody. Her words moved the ancient memories held within my ancestral genes – we must protect our mother, and all mothers. Water is life.

As for our family, we rented a large van, picked up my brother’s family of four, and road-tripped to Kansas to visit our extended family. It was a long drive, but well worth the bonding time and chance to cultivate our own family traditions.

It was also a birthday month around here, Happy 1st Birthday to our littlest one!

Happy Spring!