From Organizations we care about –

The Sierra Club is the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. We amplify the power of our 3.8 million members and supporters to defend everyone’s right to a healthy world.
“The Working Families Party is regular people coming together across our differences to make our nation work for the many, not the few. We’re a multiracial party that fights for workers over bosses and people over the powerful.”
Gun violence is a public health crises and Randi is dedicated to working with our community to find solutions to protect our families, our children and our neighborhoods.
InvestHER is nonpartisan, aimed at achieving equal representation for pro-choice women in political office.
The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. We deserve leaders who respect our work and that is why we support pro-worker and pro-public service candidates and issues up and down the ballot.
*not an endorsement.
Randi was ranked as ‘Healthcare Champion’ in the group’s public survey; Randi’s Master’s degree in Public Health, and experience in healthcare, are strong assets for the State Legislature.
Randi has been awarded the “Gun Sense Candidate” designation from Moms Demand Action because she is an advocate for common-sense gun safety. (*not an endorsement)
The FEF PAC supports candidates who share our goals of protecting the separation of church and state and defending the civil liberties of secular Americans.
As the daughter of two parents who served in the Army, Randi is honored to be Endorsed by our El Paso County Progressive Veterans and to work with our Veterans to protect the health and livelihoods of those who served.
Teamsters Local Union No. 455 endorses Randi for State Senate. The Teamsters are America’s largest and most diverse Union, representing team drivers and associations.
Secure PERA, the Colorado Coalition for Retirement Security, has endorsed Randi in the 2020 election. Secure PERA is a coalition of PERA members, retirees and supporters, collectively, dedicated to supporting retirement security for all Coloradans.
Sunrise Movement endorses Randi for her bold leadership to address years of deregulation, income inequality, and corporate power that has harmed her community for far too long.
The AFL-CIO is dedicated to organizing working people in the State of Colorado; to securing and protecting dignity and equality, rights and benefits, and to raising the standard of living and quality of life for all working people and their families.
Randi is a climate champion and knows how closely our health is tied to the land, the ecosystems we are a part of, and the quality of our air and water. Randi will protect Colorado’s land and resources.
Cobalt endorsed candidates will fight to protect your right to access safe and affordable reproductive healthcare – because nothing should stand between you and your healthcare decisions.
SMART Local Union 9 endorses Randi for State Senate. Randi is a Union supporter and the right choice for hard-working Coloradans and their families!

From folks like you –

“Time and time again, Randi has shown exemplary quality of character, compassion, and willingness to listen to those she represents. Leadership like hers is needed in our state legislature, and I look forward to calling her “Senator”.”
~ Bridget Dandaraw-Seritt, SD10 Constituent

“Randi’s depth of knowledge and passion for public health is needed now more than ever, and has been underrepresented in our government for too long. She will be a fierce advocate for strong and healthy families in the Colorado Senate.”
~ Stephanie Vigil, candidate for Colorado House District 16

“Randi is exactly the kind of leader that we need in this moment: she’s bold, informed, and takes the voices of her community members seriously. Vote for Randi!”
~ Candace Woods, M.Div.

“Randi cares about the health and well-being of every human being. She takes actionable steps to improve the access of resources that will truly benefit the community. Randi has demonstrated her ability to lead and stand by her word time and time again.”
~ Kelsey Budge, CSprings Resident

“Randi is a Bernie Inspired candidate. She is a strong supporter of medicare for all, environmental justice and family leave. She supports a living wage, affordable child care and early learning programs. We hear the term Family Man every election cycle, As a wife and mother Randi is a Family Women, who supports our disabled, homeless and LGBTQ+ communities with the love and compassion only a mother can provide. It is for these and so much more that I endorse Randi McCallian for Colorado State Senate District 10.”
~ Anthony Maro, Lead Change Maker Our Revolution Colorado Springs & CD 5
Resident of SD10

“Randi truly cares about her constituents and will fight for our right to a healthy environment, increase our access to quality healthcare, and protect working families.”
~ Chase Lambert, SD10 Constituent

“Randi is a dedicated community member working to make a change for the community at large. She’s no standard politician, she stands with the few and walks with the many. I proudly endorse and support Randi McCallian for Colorado State Senate District 10.”
~ Joseph Shelton, CSprings Resident

“Randi brings fresh perspective and a commitment to listening to her constituents. SD10 needs her leadership and representation!”
~ Julie White, CSprings Resident

“She’s got a good head, a good heart, the right priorities when it comes to health care, family, the environment, and I trust her to represent our community with energy and compassion.”
~ Kelly Jo Salling, SD10 Constituent

“Randi McCallian is a person of true integrity who cares about The People, families, community health, and Earth. Randi is willing to stand up against big corporations to do what is right for the Many instead of what is “right” for the shareholders and only the wealthy 1%. She will help the State invest in Green Jobs, better healthcare for all, schools/education, equity, social justice, and so much more.
~Audrey Miles-Cherney, B.S., Colorado Springs resident and former colleague of Randi

“Randi is a principled leader who will stand up for Colorado’s children and vulnerable populations beyond words and through her actions + policy. I know she will remain focused on fully funding public education, expanding affordable healthcare to all people, and creating a fair, predictable tax policy.”
~ Nate Faflick; Communications and Development Associate, A+ Colorado

“I have known Randi for a few years now and I would be so proud to have her as my representative. We need female leaders that focus on health care and community health now more than ever.”
~ Jessica Lawyer, SD10 Constituent and Campaign Volunteer

“Randi is a healthcare leader, environmental advocate and she shows up for our community.”
~ Deana Kamm, Leader Indivisible CO-5, Resident of Colorado Springs

“After years of unresponsive and listless representation, SD10 is in dire need of a good leader. Randi is passionate and knowledgeable. Her values line up with this district. She fights for the environment, education, health care access, etc.. I trust Randi to vote for what is important to me and my family.”
~ Morgan Chavez, SD10 Constituent

“Randi’s background in healthcare more than makes her qualified to be a voice we need to be our Senator for SD10!”
~ Christopher Bonham, CSprings Resident

“Randi McCallian is a caring healthcare provider who cares for children and families, not corporations. She will work for healthcare for all.”
~ Jerima King, SD10 Constituent

“Randi is a powerful woman who is driven to make change happen in politics! I love her passion for maternal care, taking care of families, and creating a better world for our children and the generations to come.”
~ Ashley N, Colorado Springs Resident

“First and foremost, Randi is a fantastic mother. She is a mother who cares about her community. With her experience in public health, she would be an absolute asset to SD10. Randi lives in her community and understands what middle class families deserve.”
~ Michelle, CSprings Resident

“Randi is a true leader who will represent the hardworking residents of SD10. She cares greatly for everyone and will work for the well-being of all families.”
~ Andrew Schafer, CSprings K-12 Educator and Campaign Volunteer

“Randi is a wonderful example of a woman and mother that cares about the positive difference she leaves in this world for our children and our grandchildren.”
~Rachel Trabbie, Colorado Resident

“Champion of women’s health, family, environmental, and civil rights issues.”
~Heidi Gardner, Colorado K-12 Educator

“Randi is smart, talented, and focused on making a difference in her community. She has been a champion of working class families, women and environmental needs. I support her work and her win for Senate District 10 as a State Senator.”
~ Kyra Storojev, House District 44 Candidate

“I have been following Randi’s campaign since early this year and have been inspired by her progressive voice she brings to the table. As someone who believes in lifting up women, especially progressive women I encourage people to vote for her.”
~ Kyla Paterson, Iowa Democrats Stonewall Caucus Chair

“Randi is a champion – she’s at every rally and public event, has great ideas and strong, progressive values. We’d all be lucky to have her representing the people up in Denver.”
~ Paul Adler, Colorado Springs Resident

Julie Webster, SD10 Constituent
Charles Vanlandingham, SD10 Constituent
Grace Blea-Nunez, Colorado Springs Small Business Owner
Jacob Foreman, Resident of Colorado Springs
Shelly Trumpolt, Colorado Resident and Campaign Treasurer
Noah Schafer, CSprings Resident and Campaign Volunteer

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