Randi’s Values

To lead a life of Service – that is how I was raised. As the first-born of two parents that have served in the military, I was taught to lead with purpose, protect those who need it, and build my community with strength and love. I am dedicated to our shared values of strong children and families, ensuring basic dignity for those we love and for our neighbors, and protecting Colorado by investing in today and the future.

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“I’m so glad to see a woman of education, experience, integrity, and empathy running for office. Far too often I’ve found politicians to be disconnected and unconcerned with that which is important to me and my military family, but Randi is what I’d never dared to imagine- representation in government. Thank you for your diligence, care, and tenacity. “

Heather (Resident of SD10)

Strong Families


Our children have the right to reach their potential, to follow their path, and grow up with opportunity. It is our responsibility to protect their future! I am a mother of two young children and I have served to support and strengthen families for over 10 years. I respect the dedication and hard work that parents, caregivers, and educators devote to helping children thrive. I value your right to a strong family and I believe your government should protect that right.

Affordable Healthcare


I value your right to live a free and meaningful life, and that includes you or a loved one being able to receive affordable and essential healthcare, both physical and mental. As a healthcare professional, I have served by expanding access to low-cost and high-quality healthcare providers in rural areas and improving patient care and outcomes. I am dedicated and qualified to reform healthcare and I value our right to access an affordable and quality system.

Protecting Colorado


Coloradans share a love for beautiful scenery and the great outdoors. Like you, I value the incredible opportunities our landscape provides to our happiness and the economy. I believe that our lives and communities will be better if we protect our land and invest in our infrastructure. Growing up in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, I came to know Colorado as the most beautiful and healthy state in the nation – as your Senator, I will keep it that way.

Together We Rise


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