Values and Policy

To lead a life of Service – that is how I was raised. As the first-born of two parents that have served in the military, I was taught to lead with purpose, protect those who need it, and build my community with strength and love. I am dedicated to our shared values of strong children and families, ensuring basic dignity for those we love and for our neighbors, and protecting Colorado by investing in today and the future.

“I’m so glad to see a woman of education, experience, integrity, and empathy running for office. Far too often I’ve found politicians to be disconnected and unconcerned with that which is important to me and my military family, but Randi is what I’d never dared to imagine- representation in government. Thank you for your diligence, care, and tenacity. “

Heather Z. (Voter in SD10)

COVID-19 has made this year one of the most challenging we’ve ever faced together. We need our elected representatives to focus on protecting Coloradan families, minority communities, and small businesses – because we are the economic engines and change-makers in our communities. I support policies that protect people from eviction, allows us to care for ourselves or family members when ill (with special protections for seniors and immunocompromised groups), and support essential workers, including educators. 

Healthcare: Healthcare is a human right and I support quality universal healthcare for a stronger Colorado. One of my top priorities is to get Colorado’s families the high-quality, low-cost healthcare they deserve. After earning my Master’s Degree in Public Health, I’ve been working in healthcare access and quality for over a decade, gaining valuable insight into our broken system along the way. 

Environment:  We face a daunting challenge in climate change. Colorado’s economy, health, and future are all tied to a healthy climate, and our future has been in the hands of corporate interests for far too long. I will fight for legislation that conserves our water, protects our air, supports local and regenerative agriculture, and creates stable careers in energy and infrastructure. Colorado can be a leader in adapting to meet today’s challenges; I’ll help us get there.

Economy: I value people, and strong people make a strong economy. I support policy which strengthens workers and their families, such as Paid Family Leave, sick leave, defined benefits, and Unions. Additionally, an archaic tax code in Colorado has decreased funding critical for schools and local fire services, and has increased taxes to a debilitating level for small businesses; changing this will help our economy. 

To strengthen our economy, I support policy that creates more employment opportunities in healthcare, home care and family care-giving, and public education. I also support policies which protect our right to affordable housing, opportunity for our Veterans, and the ability to retire in dignity for our elderly neighbors.

Education: I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential through access to high-quality and equitable education. Our public education system must be well-funded. All of our hardworking educators deserve to be justly compensated for their work, and with competitive salaries that encourage the most devoted and brilliant educators to choose this challenging profession. 

I support Universal Broadband, so that every child and person has equal access to the online resources that are necessary for educational and professional success.

Firearm Safety: I value the safety of our children, our families, and our community; firearm safety is an important piece of that. We need common sense firearm legislation that protects what we value most; we need to strengthen background checks, raise awareness about child safety around firearms, and protect victims of domestic violence.

Racial Justice: I strongly support the Movement for Black Lives and have worked for many years, particularly in maternal and child health, to address systemic inequality at a policy level. My background in Public Health gives me an understanding of institutionalized racism, especially in regards to how it impacts the health of people and communities of color. We must have increased accountability and transparency across all levels of government, particularly in our law enforcement, prison, and judicial systems, and implement policies that uplift Black and Indigenous leaders and communities.

Reproductive Health: I strongly value your right to make healthcare decisions for yourself and your body. Whereas it is the government’s role to protect access to quality healthcare, it is not the job of policymakers to dictate which healthcare an individual can or cannot receive. 

Maternity care is an area of personal passion for me. Our maternal and infant mortality rates are the worst of all industrialized nations – but they can be improved. For example, midwives are clinical providers who have excellent outcomes, and cost significantly less for the healthcare system; we can improve maternal & infant outcomes by expanding access to safe and effective services such as midwives and birth centers.

Randi’s Opponent: Larry Liston is a corporate banker-turned-career politician; he’s been in the State house for over 11 years, and has repeatedly voted against the interests of Coloradans and our families. Just this year, he voted against a bill that would have helped improve mental health education and suicide prevention in schools — this when the leading cause of death in Colorado’s children aged 10-17 is suicide. Even as a member of the Public Healthcare and Human Services Committee, he has taken a backseat on COVID-19 response, voting against both paid leave for workers and increasing the transparency of hospital costs. 
Coloradans deserve better than 4 more years of that. 

Please VOTE for Randi!

Together We Rise


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